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Before the new season threatens to start, refresh your mood theme a little with stuff from the last season. :D
I have many more in the works and ideas for probably more than I'll ever have time to make, (heeh, but I'll try anyway).
Since the suckers are time-consuming, have a bunch now. ♥
Oh, and, take your pick of the pervy ones, it's that kinda set. (Hey, it's not my fault.)
Remember, these are for when you've already set up and installed the original theme. They aren't assigned to any particular mood, so you can pick the ones you like and replace them yourself. :D


Download the zip file here. (13,2 MB)

The zip file contains 75 mood images, all in gif format and 80x60 pixels.

Instructions on how to manually change mood icons in your mood theme (if you have a Paid Account or a Sponsored+ Account)

1. Download the zip file and unzip it in winzip or a similar program.
2. Then upload the mood images you wish to use to your domain or an image hosting site like Photobucket.
3. Go to your Mood Theme Editor.
4. Select "Johnny Weir animated" and click edit.
5. Replace the urls accordingly with the urls to your new .gif images. Save changes and you're done. (Sometimes it takes two tries for the changes to take effect.)

Enjoy! :)

¤ Comment if you take.
¤ Please credit either [livejournal.com profile] reet or [livejournal.com profile] song2sing if you're using this Johnny Weir mood theme.
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