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Name:A Song To Sing
Birthdate:Sep 29
Website:song2sing on LJ
Welcome to [personal profile] song2sing! This journal is public, maintained by [personal profile] reet. Feel free to friend, and you'll be added back. Here are some simple rules you're expected to follow...
× Credit; Please give credit in icon keywords, comments or descriptions. It shows general appreciation and, most importantly, helps others see where you got an icon from.
× Comment; It's nice to have feedback. And this way I know which graphics go where and which icons are being used.
× Do not redistribute; Everything is for personal use only. Feel free to link to this journal, but do not repost the graphics on your website or any other place without permission!
× Do not direct link; Please save and upload all images to your own server. (For example - Photobucket.)
× Customizing; You may customize base icons, while still giving credit for the base.
× Screencaps; Feel free to use any of my screencaps to make your own graphics!
× Requests; I don't take requests. So please, don't ask.

Feel free to link back, using one of these buttons. =)

Special thanks to Bauble!
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